Crobsoft Disc Copier can backup your bluray/dvd disc to you local disc folder.

Supported OS: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

Price: $40 $25.00



“crobsoft full disc copier is very powerful, I have a lot of bluray disc and now I can backup them and do not have to use my samsung bluray disc drive time by time, thank your guys!”
Reviewed by dj muder

EAsy to use

The Disc Copier focuses on the point that you may want to backup your bluray/dvd disc to ISO or your local disc folder, with just one click, DONE!







no quality loseness

  • Provide one click operation to help you to copy and backup BD/DVD discs to DVD folders and ISO image files on your PC
  • While maintaining the original CD quality at the same time, the CD-ROM copy to disk;
  • dvd – 9 copy to dvd – 9, dvd – 5 to dvd – 5, no quality lossness;
  • Copy and backup css – DVD discs and regular DVD discs;




User-friendly features

  1. Automatically match of inputs and outputs
    By scanning the input files, this 1-click DVD copy program can automatically list target formats for the results according to different input content.
  2. Copy commercial DVD movies easily
    Not only backup common DVD content, this DVD copy could also rip, copy and backup CSS-DVD contents to computer or disc and make DVD discs region free.